The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me while I blog; the tales, thoughts, experiences, and journal entries- That helped me realize how I fell into an emotional and mentally abusive relationship with a narcissist… I’ll go over how it destroyed everything That I was proud of, how it destroyed my mental and physical health, how I came to realize what was happening, and how I got free by fighting for myself with the help of friends, family, a therapist, a Christian journey, faith, reading and researching, and not giving up.

“Falling victim to manipulation and mental abuse is not a reflection on your intelligence or strength. And it’s not your fault you fell for it… You’re a giver and you went all in. If anything, it’s a reflection on how you don’t give up easily. You fought for it until you had nothing left. You did everything right…… Even the healthiest people can get cancer….” – me and my therapist while going through the “why me”s.

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